Tuesday, September 25, 2018

HOLA Spotlight for Dr. Romero

 WHODoctor Jaime Romero, oral surgeon

What do you get when you combine a helicopter pilot, an oral surgeon, and an ex-migrant tree planter? You get Dr. Jaime Romero Jr., a hard-working, adventurous father of four who loves to give people their smile back at Solace Oral Surgery. His success has not been easy or instantaneous, but rather marked by determination and love for family and country.
Jaime’s love of country and the benefits for college tuition prompted him to join the Army ROTC, eventually learning to fly helicopters for the Army. As soon as he was done with flight school, though, he was accepted into dental school. He transferred units to the Dental Corp. and was then deployed to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Soon after his return in 2008, he was accepted into the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency program at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
His name may sound familiar because yesterday we read about his wife, HOLA honoree Eva Angelina Romero!
WHAT: Tell us about an achievement you’re proud of.

I'm proud of being my own boss and owning my own company. I had a rough childhood with many challenges growing up.I had to drop out of school early on to help support my family. I have definitely come a long way.

WHEN: Describe a turning point that was important in bringing you where you are today.

I would have to say it was when I was a young boy and my grandfather pulled me aside one day. My grandfather was not a man of many words, so this day meant alot to me. That day he made me promise him that I would go back to school and get an education. He did not want me to struggle and do hard labor throughout my life. He wanted me to do better than he had done. A few days later he passed away. This was so life-changing for me. I had made a promise to him, so I went back to school. I worked really hard and was able to achieve my goal of becoming an oral surgeon.

WHERE can we find you online and learn more about your work?

WHY? HOW? Why is it important to connect more with our community? Give some advice to future Hispanic leaders and achievers.

I had a really rough beginning. Many people helped along the way. Some inspired and lent a helping hand. I would like to do that same for others. I feel it is my responsibility to give back and help others. One thing I would say is to never give up on your goal! There will many people that doubt you and many naysayers. Do not listen, stay focused. I would also say that you need to learn to be flexible. Some things might not always go as planned, but stay focused.

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