Thursday, May 11, 2017

Benefits of Dental Implants

                                                         Benefits of Dental Implants

 Choosing a tooth replacement method is a big decision. Your options will vary depending on the condition of your mouth, but you want to make a selection that will be comfortable and dependable. This will allow you to function with confidence while dealing with your tooth loss.

 You’re Not Alone

For some people, it’s hard to come to terms with the idea of using tooth replacements. You should understand that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans deal with tooth loss every year. You should also know that tooth replacement methods are more advanced, successful, and realistic-looking than they’ve ever been before.

 What are Dental Implants?

 Dental implants are small metal rods, usually made from titanium, that are designed to function as a base for replacement teeth. The implants are engineered to be highly durable and safe for use in your mouth. They’re embedded in the jaw during a surgical procedure, making them incredibly strong.

 Dental implants can be used for individual teeth as well as entire sets of anchored dentures. Because of the extremely low risk of complications from the metal itself, you can have several rods implanted easily wherever you need them, for a customized fit

 Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are many reasons why dental implants are such a good choice for many Americans. First and foremost, they are a flexible solution for people will all levels of dental problems. Other benefits of dental implants include:


   Fast procedure. Most of us hate spending time in a dentist’s chair. Dental implants can be installed very quickly. In fact, you can get an entire new set of teeth in just one day.


   Realistic appearance. Dental implants use specially designed prosthetic teeth that are just like the real thing.


   Better comfort. Dentures are designed to be removed for cleaning. This also means they can slip and irritate the mouth. Implants fuse to your jaw bone and become permanent, so there’s no discomfort.


   Improved speech. Slipping or poor-fitting dentures can make it difficult to speak without mumbling or slurring. You don’t have either of those problems with dental implants.


   Natural eating. Certain foods are difficult or even impossible to eat with dentures. Dental implants are so secure and comfortable that you can enjoy all your favorite foods.


   More confidence. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, dental implants can give you a huge confidence boost. Imagine having a perfect smile in just a day.


   Higher durability. Dental implants are permanent. When taken care of, they last the rest of your life.


If you’re ready to let dental implants change your life, give us a call. We’d love to give you your smile back.


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