Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Story of HOPE: Solace Oral Surgery Contest Winner Has A New Reason To Smile

                                                                   Katrina Robertson 

            A Story of HOPE: Solace Oral Surgery Contest Winner Has A New Reason To Smile

Sometimes entering a contest can be a little like wishing on birthday candles. But for Katrina Robertson, winning the “Smiles for Christmas” contest has been a dream come true.

Katrina has risen above a very troubled past, overcoming drug addiction, abuse, prostitution, a criminal record, and 28 years of life on the streets, where she felt like she “was going to die.” Her personal journey of redemption started at Magdalene House, a recovery program which helps women overcome addictions, learn life skills, and clean up their credit and criminal past. This is where she encountered the God who she credits for her climb up from rock bottom, now 10 years ago.

And she hasn’t stopped telling others her story. She is a public speaker, sharing with churches, dorms, and anyone who will listen. Not only does she give back, but she has also been blessed. She has a new home, a wonderful husband, and a reconciled relationship with her daughter. She also works as the national sales director for Thistle Farms, which provides on-the-job training to residents of Magdalene House as well as funding. Her life has come full circle, helping those who are in the same place she was when she needed help the most.

One of the many repercussions she has dealt with as a result of her past is her teeth, or, rather, lack of upper teeth. Katrina’s temporary solution for her missing teeth was a bridge. There were complications with using the bridge. First, she couldn’t eat without it falling out. Also, her teeth wouldn’t stay in when she was public speaking, which was embarrassing. She wasn’t confident in her smile, even though she had a lot of joy to share.

When Solace Oral Surgery with Dr. Romero ran a contest in December, it seemed like the perfect solution. Katrina wrote up her story, which she is so good at sharing, and sent it in. She had a consult to make sure that she was a good candidate, and then she found out she was the winner! She was overjoyed at the prospect of all her bridge and missing teeth issues being permanently resolved.
Soon after, Katrina underwent the “All-on-4” treatment to provide her with a same-day, fixed full-arch prosthesis. Normally, permanent tooth implants involve multiple procedures and extended time. But Dr. Romero gave Katrina a new smile in one day. Katrina said she was thankful for the opportunity to have this done and was thankful to have her husband and daughter take care of her after the procedure.
One major after-effect after procedure is that she can’t stop smiling, describing her new teeth as “beautiful.”

Katrina said, “More than fixing teeth, it’s getting your self-esteem back, your personality back. And it gives me hope about people, that there are good people in the world.”

Dr. Romero, one of those good people, would agree. In fact, it’s on their website: “We believe everyone deserves to show off their happiness.”
Katrina is certainly showing off her happiness with her new, gorgeous smile.

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